How to Make a YouTube Outro in Minutes

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YouTube outro making

YouTube Outro is also known as an end screen of a YouTube video or vlog. There are numerous ways to display an end-screen on a YouTube video. But the basic idea is the same. You’d often find video tutorials on YouTube that walk you through the process of making a YouTube Outro. All of them do the same thing. Well, most of them, at least. They start off with the image designing in the Adobe Photoshop and writing the text like SUBSCRIBE or LIKE.

Furthermore, some of the tutorials showcase the rectangular boxes on the image to display the YouTube videos. However, it’s up to you. The possibilities are wide enough. Therefore, I’m going to help you out in this. If you’re wondering you don’t have a software like Adobe Photoshop to design the image to kick off the process, then don’t worry at all. You still can make a YouTube Outro.

Let’s get started with it.

You’ll design an image that will be displayed when your YouTube videos would end. You can, however, add the video clips inside the image to display at a certain time. Once you have the image to use, you can easily get this done in your video editing software. I personally use Filmora and now I’ll show how easy it is to make it happen.

Here is the step-by-step process of making a YouTube Outro:

1. Design the Image to use as a layout

You need to have a base image to use as a layout of the outro. You can design this in your favorite graphic design tool or use a free tool called Canva. The size of the image that I personally use is 2560px x 1440px. You can write a message as well as mention all your social media accounts to help people know where they can connect with you. Once the image is done, you’re good to go further.


2. Use the Video Editing Software

You have to have the best video editing software. If you’re using the software like Movie Maker, you might not have this privilege. So, you better choose the best video editing software. Most of the softwares have this ability to make this happen. Once you’ve chosen your video editing software, the next step reveals how it is done.

video editing software

3. Import the Image and Video Clip to Compile

Once you’ve done with your video or vlog editing and you’re ready to add up the YouTube Outro to your video, just include the outro image in the video section alongside the video footage. The trick is that if you want to play the video in the image, import the video clip beneath the outro image.


Adjust the size of the video clip accordingly. Upon playing the footage, once the video player reaches to that section, it will display the image and play the video clip embedded in the image.



This is how I’ve made my YouTube Outro. However, you can also create an image with a few boxes for display the videos but you need to link to your videos on YouTube once you’ve uploaded the video.

I find my way more convenient and easy to do.

One of the reasons I prefer doing like this is that you don’t have to worry about linking to your videos on YouTube. In fact, you can display the bloopers or extra footage alongside your main content to keep the audience engaged on your channel.


Update: Probably last year, YouTube updated the annotation feature. Now, creators are able to add end-screen annotations while editing the video on YouTube.

How would you prefer to make a YouTube outro for your channel?

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