Why I Bought the Filmora Video Editor [Again]

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I have been using Filmora video editing software for more than a year now. It’s been a great experience for me. When I thought to up my vlogging game and need to move on from the Movie Maker. I opted Filmora because of many reasons, which you can read in the Filmora review.

Of course, at that time, I was filming with Sony WX350 Cybershot and I knew that in the long run, I’d be using a DSLR camera, which I’m using now. So I knew that I need to move on at some point in the future.

I couldn’t afford $400 to $600 video editing software from Sony or Adobe. But I may get them in the future; because you always have to keep moving.

These are the reasons why I bought the Filmora video editor subscription, again:

1. They Upgrade Software: One of the biggest reasons why I chose to stick to the Filmora is that they always keep on improving the software, which is a huge plus. It’s not like they have pushed the software and that’s it. Once the upgrade comes out, your software will be updated in the next few days. I loved the improvements that they’ve made. In fact, one of the suggestions given by me about the video clips transitional smoothness and they thanked me for that.

2. They have a Community System: Team Filmora has a dedicated YouTube channel just for the Filmora tutorials and tips & tricks. They have built a community of Filmora users and the team behind the software. They make tutorial videos and help guide the user-base through their videos.

3. They have an Affiliate Program: Wondershare has an affiliate program, which means you can promote Filmora and make money off of it. As a paid user, I use Filmora and based on my personal experience, I recommend using Filmora to the blog readers and YouTube subscribers.

4. The Price is Affordable: If you do a little survey — which I have done in the recent past — you’ll notice that the video editing softwares prices start from $300 and touch $600. Whereas, Filmora’s prices start at $39.99 and goes up to $180. You can purchase 1PC lifetime license just for $59.99 or go for 2-5 PCs 1-year license in $120.

5. Support is Fine: I have had a good experience with their support team. The only concern is that they don’t get back to you on weekend. You’ll have to wait till Monday morning. For example, if you email them on Saturday, then you’ll get the reply on Monday, which isn’t a big deal. Most of the companies do their email support this way.

The Verdict

It’s crystal clear for me, that’s why I chose to buy the Filmora subscription second time.

If you’re just starting YouTube or vlogging, I’d recommend Movie Maker or iMovie in the beginning, but if you can afford to spend $60 to $120, then sure, go for it. Filmora is the best choice in that amount of money.

What are you using for video editing?

Share your experience with your software in the comments below.  

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