What Video Frame Rate Should You Choose for Your Videos?

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If you are a beginner at YouTube and want to get your video quality spot on or want to keep the YouTube game strong, then there is a thing known as ‘Frame Rate” you should know.

It’s essential to know what frame rates are and which frame rate will be appropriate for the kind of your videos. If you keep making videos but don’t know what video frame rate you should choose, then you might end up screwing a video project that was supposed to be shot on a different frame rate.

The right frame rate selection makes a video watchable. If you mess up frame rates, then the video may become hard to process in the post-production.

what video frame rate you should choose

Understanding the Frame Rates

Think of a single photo of any dog which has a toy in his mouth and he looks excited to play with it. Now think of 29 more photos of the same dog in which he has started to play with the toy, throwing it on the ground, and tossing it high up in the air.

So now if you go through 30 images in a single second, that my friend is a one-second video recorded at the 30 frame rate. Got it? Pretty simple, right?

The same goes for 24 fps in which 24 frames pass by in a second, and the same for 60 fps and 120 fps.

So now that you have a good understanding of what fps is, let’s decide what frame rate is appropriate for you to shoot your video on. 

Why Use 24 FPS

Hear me out, most of the Bollywood movies you see are shot on 24 fps and later on right before the release is converted to 30 fps. So if you are a moviemaker or you make short films on YouTube so it is better to shoot in 24 fps.

30 fps also works but most of the short films on YouTube are shot in 24 fps. On the other hand, if you a moto vlogger and you put an action camera on the helmet and shoot videos, then 24 fps would give a very realistic look in the footage. And because it is 24 photos per second, it’d make the edges of the video frame blurry.

This means that in the video, you will be appearing faster, but in reality, you will be going not that fast. Basically it creates the illusion that you are going fast. A very famous moto vlogger Motonosity shoots in 24 fps.

Why Use 30 Fps

The frame rate at which a human eye sees the world is 30 fps. Eyes can vary between the frame rates but as far as I know we humans see the world as 30 fps.

A far as videography is concerned, 30 fps works for every type of video, whether it’s tech, fashion, vlogging, fitness, food, or any other. If you are having difficulty choosing between the frame rates, then go with 30 fps. I shoot my YouTube videos on 30 fps.

Why Use 60 Fps

The higher the frame rate, the smoother the footage in the slow-motion. keep in mind 60 fps can look a bit unrealistic. There are many YouTubers who shoot and upload in 60 fps. Take, Mumbiker Nikhil, for example; he uploads 60 fps videos on YouTube.

One of the reasons I do not prefer using 60 fps is that I currently do not have a good graphic card that can handle the extra load while rendering the 60 fps video.

I also think that the difference between 60 fps and 30 fps is not worth putting extra burden on the graphic card. I would tell you to experiment with 60 fps; if you like the way it looks, then it is up to you.

Why Use 120 Fps

This frame rate is only used to shoot slow-motion footage; other than that, you should not record any other sort of video with 120 fps. As I said earlier that the higher the frame rate. the smoother the footage. The reason is this: in the slow-motion, you really don’t want to miss out on the frames.

Some beginner creators often record slow-motion footage in 120 fps and then add this footage into their video of any other frame rate (whichever they are using). You must have seen YouTubers and vloggers shooting videos on their phones; they must know all this stuff.

What Frame Rate Do You Use?

I hope now you have a better sense of understanding of frame rates, especially what frame rate you should choose for your videos.

Now let me know what frame rate you use for normal video recording.

I’ll see you in the comments below.

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