What is the Best YouTube Niche for You?

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Are you finding the best YouTube niche for you? Pay close to my question. I asked you, what’s the best YouTube niche for you? I didn’t ask you, what are the best YouTube niches out there? There is a difference.

Isn’t it?

Don’t worry, I’ll share a bunch of YouTube niches with you in this blog post. However, I’d like to infuse the idea of exploring your likes and interests so that you could hop on something you could do for the long term.

Finding a great YouTube niche can do amazing things for you, sure. But, does it mean you would do it for the next 10 years or so?

What most YouTube beginners don’t know is that they try to build YouTube channels with lots of subscribers and thousands of views on every video. What they should build is a brand that has a solid fan base along with lots of views and subscribers instead.

The irony is that every successful YouTube channel grows differently. You can’t predict the growth of any YouTube channel.

There are several factors of a YouTube channel’s success such as:

  • Channel’s niche
  • Viewers Retention
  • Subscribers’ Engagement
  • Watch Time on Videos

All these metrics could play a vital role in making any YouTube channel a success. However, it’s quite unpredictable what channel can exponentially grow as compared to the other.

It’s true that there are many other elements such as quality of content, length of the video, and overwhelmingly positive response of the audience that could also make a video successful on the platform. But the interesting part is that it may take a few days for you to create that video, or it may take several channels over the course of years to reach that topic or idea that changes everything for you.

To find the best YouTube niche for starting a YouTube channel, I’d highly recommend considering the following fundamentals to help understand what type of YouTube channels are popular or could grow exponentially:

Your Interest

There isn’t anything you could enjoy more than what you have an interest in or you’re passionate about. If you somehow create a recipe of showing what you’re passionate about in interesting to watch videos, then you’re all set. The videos must have a thing that could make you stand out from the crowd.

Your Persona

Persona is a very underrated personality trait that YouTube beginners completely ignore. You can’t fake something you’re not for a long time, so why trying something you can’t continue doing? Your persona is your real-personality. If you’re trying to figure out your persona for YouTube, just be natural on the camera, talk to the audience like you’re talking to the friends, and be confident about what you say. Besides, the persona is more of how you appear on YouTube and talk about stuff. If you’re faking your passion, interest, or personality, the truth would come out of the closet at some point.

Your Values

You may not hear about having some values for creating content on YouTube. I believe in this stuff, and I see top YouTubers are also the flag-bearers of certain values. I don’t want you to be controversial or political here, but you could have some (positive) values about your work and life that could bring viewers one step closer to you.

For instance, a lot of YouTubers and bloggers state that they don’t promote products that don’t like or believe in. That’s exactly what they try to accomplish. They put their values out there for the audience to know what they think about promotions and money. So it won’t hurt to develop some values of your own.

Your Brand

There are two types of YouTube beginners. The first type of YouTubers just try to focus on growing on YouTube, and they don’t even care about the brand. It doesn’t matter whether they succeed or not. The second type of YouTube beginners pays attention to building a brand. The same goes for them, meaning, the channel’s success doesn’t matter.

What a brand does is that it provides you an identity. You don’t have to a marketing or branding expert to focus on your branding when it comes to starting a YouTube channel. All you need is to use a unique brand name everywhere on the web and social media. Have you not seen some YouTube channels that have the same username on every social media account? They know the power of branding, which is why they’re doing it, and you aren’t doing it yet.

Please be advised that I’m neither a career counselor nor a YouTube certified expert. I’m just a blogger and YouTuber who likes to shares his thoughts on different ideas and topics. Please consult a professional before making any career or financial tips from my blog.

Here are the Best YouTube Niches that You Can Try Out:

Remember that these best YouTube niches don’t mean you should pick exactly these niches and create your channels. You could either niche down and go deep in any of these or choose a similar topic that pops up in your mind while going through the list. Moreover, some niches require you to be a specialist of some kind to give advice, especially that are related to health, medicare, and fitness. So be cautious while choosing such YouTube niches. You’ll be better off if you only choose such special niches if you belong to those industries.

Saving Money

It falls under the financial category, which is one of the popular and high-paying PPC and RPM categories in terms of Google Ads and AdSense respectively. If you happen to be interested in saving money or discounts or finance management, you maybe start a YouTube channel on saving money.

The best part about choosing a niche is that you don’t have to be an expert at something. Instead, you must be passionately interested in that topic or niche so that you could research and dig deeper into several topics and come up with well-researched content on the YouTube channel.

Car Driving

You’re a car driving school; I get it. But chances are, you have a valid driving permit to drive a car in your country. What if I told you that you could use your skill to drive a car to build a YouTube channel? Make sure you’re really good at driving a car to pull this off, meaning, you shouldn’t start a car driving YouTube channel if you learned how to drive a car three months ago.

It doesn’t add up to the brand I’m telling you to build. So only choose this niche for YouTube if you have at least a one year experience of car driving.

Computer Maintenance

Have you ever searched on Google or YouTube on how to fix a certain PC problem? I did this so many times. I think we all do at some point. Pay attention to this YouTube niche if you’re the guy your colleagues or friends reach out to when they have issues in their computer. I have friends who have specific skills or they know specific stuff. So I know who to ask for a specific thing.

If you’re the person who knows about computer operating systems or PC hardware, you could certainly start a YouTube channel that educates and helps people on fixing computer issues. You don’t have to 100% professional computer maintenance guy, but instead, if you’re good at troubleshooting common PC and operating system issues, you’re good to go. Once you start the channel, you’d always evolve and make better content.

Jewelry Designing

You might be thinking, how on earth can you design jewelry? Please ignore this YouTube niche if you aren’t interested in jewelry designing. I’ve seen people online who design jewelry and run successful businesses. On the other hand, one of my cousins is quite good at making dough ornaments; she has made dough jewelry. So I have had a personal experience of seeing that stuff. If that’s your thing, you should teach people how they can make dough jewelry or design artificial jewelry on YouTube.

Clothes Stitching

You can call yourself a fashion designer or a tailor or whatnot. If you can design clothes or teach others the nitty-gritty of clothes stitching, you can set up a YouTube channel and inspire thousands of people across the globe. Don’t underestimate the power of unique ideas and put yourself out there. If clothes designing or stitching is your thing, nothing should hold you back from winning on YouTube.


Woodwork refers to the skill or activity of making items from wood, which includes tables, chairs, windows, decorative corners, and anything else made of wood. If you’re the craftsman in the household who can woodcutter, hammers, nails, and drills in the basement, then you might be interested in showing people how you can make items from wood.

Pet Care

Pet care is a popular YouTube niche, meaning, there is a lot of competition in the pets niche. However, if you choose a specific segment of the niche or a sub-niche, you can dominate the segment and make the most of your skill or interest or passion. It’s only possible if you have a pet or you’re well aware of a certain pet. For instance, you can make a YouTube channel on German Shepherd dogs or tetra fish or Persian cats.

Cooking (a certain type of food)

Food is a huge YouTube niche, but you can’t dominate in this niche unless you find a specific sub-niche just like in any other popular niche case. If you love a certain type of food, you can create a YouTube channel around that type of food and teach people how to cook or prepare that food. For instance, if you like rice, you can dig deeper and teach people how to make different types of rice like Singaporean rice, Chinese fried rice, Afghani rice, Masala rice, and other rice dishes.

What YouTube Niche Will You Choose?

Now, let’s turn the table around. I have a question that I’ll ask at the end of this blog post.

You don’t have to choose one of the YouTube niches I mentioned in this blog post.

There are hundreds of niche ideas out there. All you need is to pay attention to your strengths and interests and come up with something you won’t give up.

People give up on YouTube every day. It’s not easy to succeed on YouTube, but if you love what you do, it won’t bother you. And I know you’d succeed if you’d enjoy what you do.

You have to tell me, what YouTube niche would you choose?

I’m waiting for your comment.

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