What Camera Does Zoe Sugg Use for Vlogging?

Are you wondering what camera Zoe Sugg uses for vlogging? She shared in her latest vlog that she bought a Sony ZV-1 vlogging camera. She explained that she is a Canon fan and has been using Canon G7X for vlogging.

The fans who watch Zoe Sugg and her boyfriend Alfie Deyes probably know they use Canon G7X for vlogging, but Sony ZV-1 is her new vlogging camera. She recently uploaded a vlog that is filmed on this new camera.

zoe sugg new vlogging camera

The footage-quality was definitely better than the Canon G7X. I did notice the video-quality right away, but after a few minutes in, she revealed her new vlogging camera.   

the camera zoe sugg uses for vlogging
screenschot credit: sony.com

Zoe talked about a few features of Sony ZV-1, which were quite interesting to know. Here they are:

Flip Screen on the Side

She told in the video that Sony ZV-1 has a flip screen on the side, which was something she isn’t used to of it as Canon G7X has a flip screen that goes upward. So it seems like the flip screen on this Sony ZV1 is pretty like a DSLR camera. I vlog on Nikon D5300, and the flip screen goes toward the side.

USB Charging

The second thing she shared about the camera was USB charging. According to her first-impression, the user needs to put the battery into the camera and plug-in the USB charging. Usually, vloggers keep extra batteries and a charger to charge them up.


Zoe also showed the quality of the autofocus while reviewing the beauty products, and it was quite impressive to see how quickly the Sony ZV-1 focuses the product or switches the focus between different objects.

After watching her video, I did my research for 10 minutes or so on this camera, and found out a few specifications that you might be interested in:

Image StabilizationYes
External MicrophoneYes
4K Video RecordingYes
Number of PixelsApprox. 20.1 Megapixels
Sensor Type1.0″-type Exmor RS® CMOS sensor
Screen TypeVari-angle touchscreen 7.5 cm TFT LCD
Focus TypeFast Hybrid AF
Focus ModesSingle-shot AF, Automatic AF, Continuous AF, DMF, Manual Focus
Object TrackingYes
NTSC/PAL SelectorYes
Movie Recording1,920 x 1,080 (24-120p), 3,840 x 2,160 (24-30p)
Sony ZV-1 Specifications for vloggers

Would You Try Out Sony ZV-1?

If you’re reading this blog post, it means you’re a Zoe Sugg fan, so am I.

So, would you try out Sony Zv-1 or not?

I might go for a Canon G7X for now, but in the future, hell yeah. I’m going to try out Sony ZV-1 vlogging camera for sure. There are a few things that I liked that camera, which are crispy video-quality, image stabilization, and an external microphone slot.

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