How to Add Video Effects to Your YouTube Vlog – [5 Ideas]

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Add Video Effects

There are many ways to add video effects to your vlog. However, the creativity predicates what and how we add video effects. There aren’t always tools and features that do the job, in fact, the ideas play a vital role in some cases. The reason why I’m writing about the video effects is that sometimes we know things but our mind kind of needs some approval to apply those ideas.

I’m going to discuss that how we can make our vlogs better by utilizing different video effects, so when the next time you sit back with a cup of coffee in your hand to edit your vlog, you start to feel better because you would have a diversified range of ideas to use in your vlog editing.

Here are five video effects you can use in your vlogs:

#1) – Timelapse

This is quite a common one. Most of the YouTubers know this. If you haven’t used a timelapse before, well you can try it now. All you need is to speed up the video in your video editing software. It depends on the video editing software you’re using, however, the Movie Maker allows you to speed up the clip up to 64x, whereas, the Filmora speeds up the clip up to 10x.

A timelapse is an effect that collapses a long video into a shorter form by speeding up the video. If you’re using a smartphone, you may want to record a timelapse using the Framelapse app.

#2) – Small Clips

One of the coolest video effects I have ever found out on YouTube is small clips. The idea behind this video effect is that you don’t have to do something technical in the video editing software to get this done, however, you have to shoot a number of small clips to showcase some work that you’re getting done. Whether you use the original sound of the clips or replace it with the music, it’s totally up to you. Not only adding a bundle of small clips makes your vlogs interesting but they also engage the audience.

#3) – Filters

The filters are beautiful effects that give a creative vibe to the video. They act as the coloring effects. There are a variety of filters that could be applied in order to make great video effects. Almost every paid video editing software does have this kind of feature. I’ve personally used the filters of Filmora and this feature is incredible. There are a bunch of filters available in the software.

#4) – Elements

 The elements are a great option to add up to the videos and vlogs. They could be used as the video effects. The elements are beautifully designed graphic elements that come up as animations. The different video editing software could have different elements and some of them might not have the default elements in them. However, you can always use your logos, images, and transparent vectors as different elements if you need some of them to pop up in your videos and vlogs.

#5) – GoPro Shots

Who doesn’t know about the GoPro? You can use the GoPro on your mountain bike, in your car, and even on your helmet. There are definitely a lot of ways of using a GoPro and getting tons of different shots for your vlog. For instance, if you’re taking your dog on a walk or commuting to the office, you can use these cameras everywhere. The idea is, you need to have a collection of different shots and a GoPro does that job pretty amazingly.

Do you have any other video effect in mind?

Let us know in the comments section.

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