How to Start Vlogging and Become a Vlogger

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How to Start Vlogging

If you’re looking to know that how to start vlogging and become a vlogger on YouTube, then this guide could be a game changer for you. The reason why I’m saying this is, I’m a vlogging enthusiast with a background in blogging, social media, entrepreneurship, and personal branding. So, what makes me better at this is, not only do I enjoy YouTubers’ vlogs, but I do observe them as well, which helps me develop my vlogging career.

The whole concept of this blog ( is to help guide every new vlogger who gets inspired from someone very popular on YouTube or Facebook and looks ahead to start his/her vlogging career. What makes me happy about this blog is that everything that will be published on this blog about vlogging will come out of my experience as well as learning.

Whether you’ve landed here from a search engine or you found this tutorial through social media, at least, you seem interested in vlogging. In case, you don’t know much about vlogging and curious to get to know it before actually jumping in, I suggest you learn about vlogging from here and that could take your vlog off the ground over the course of time.

Let’s dig in and find out that what it takes to establish a vlogging channel and how you can become a vlogger.

Step#1: Purpose of your Vlog

This isn’t something a written rule that you have to abide by. It’s more about the essence that you should stick to. You would often find vloggers making their styles and sticking to those styles. They often describe that why they vlog and what they want to achieve. For instance, if you follow Roman Atwood on the regular basis, you probably know that he says he wants to inspire people and he wants his subscribers to win and achieve success in life. He often motivates people to do good things and keep pushing hard. The more you follow these top vloggers, the easier it gets to understand that what they stand for and what they often try to communicate. The point is that you shouldn’t be vlogging pointlessly, but rather try to find the goals of the greater good. It could be entrepreneurship, creativity, art, smile, fun etc.

Step #2: Vlog Type Selection

This isn’t something technical. You’re, of course, free to do vlogs as you want, no pressure. The type means what kind of vlog you’re actually interested in. The coolest part is that there are no types written anywhere. So, you can’t say that I’m playing by the rules of vlogging here. Feel free. Instead, try to take inspiration from other vloggers. You’d find their individual style as well as certain type of vlogging. Some name themselves as family vloggers because they film as a family and share their lives with the world. For instance, Ellie and Jared are family vloggers. Their channel revolves around their family, relatives, kids, and family fun stuff.

Step #3: Camera Gear and Software

You’d find a bunch of ideas and advice from the YouTubers and vloggers around the globe but something you need is that gear and software help you get better at what you’re doing. They shouldn’t stop you from starting it. If you follow some top YouTubers and vloggers, you’d someday come across their advice that would eventually prove that camera gear does improve with the passage of time. You don’t need a $1000 camera to get started on YouTube from zero. The point is very important, if you currently can’t afford it, that shouldn’t stop you from starting out what you love. Use your iPhone or Android smartphone to get started. I did that. I used a couple of my Android phones to film my vlog. I often take shots from Android phone and use them in my vlogs along with the footage from my Sony WX350 Cybershot. Don’t wait for a fancy camera and expensive video editing software. If you’re a mac user, you can check out iMovie and if you’re on Windows, you can simply start with Movie Maker. Both are built-in softwares in the operating systems. This YouTube video tells you the same thing which is just get started even with the smartphone. Casey’s how to vlog episode from his early daily vlogging days could be a good piece to consume.

Step #4: Start Doing it

This could be the real game changer. Start doing it means just start it right away. People are really scared of putting their videos and vlogs online. Everybody does feel that fear. Even big YouTubers admitted that they were really scared of putting their first few videos online and once they did start doing it and they got it and started honing the strategies to get better at it. It’s okay to be afraid of starting it and putting your vlogs but always remember this because this is coming from firsthand experience, you can’t get better if you don’t give it a go. You might hate your initial vlogs after two or three years but you’ll be happy to see that you improved a lot along the way and the journey you did, made you what you are, and it could not have been possible without making a start. So, start doing it because vlogging is a long-haul, once you step in, the game begins and you start getting better every single day.

Step #5: Engagement and Following

In order to become a vlogger and getting traction, you must know that it’s extremely important to collaborate and interact with the similar people. The engagement with your audience as well as other creators (in your space) would help you find out more eyeballs. It’s part of the game. The more you engage people, the faster you grow your following. It’s so important that top vloggers do this occasionally. In fact, I found out about Casey Neistat when Roman Atwood invited him into his house while he was hitting the 1 million subscribers mark. Now they are good friends. Turns out, I started watching Casey’s vlogs more than Roman’s and the reason was obvious. Casey is creative and innovator. And I like that. Back to the point, keep on engaging people, fans, and friends. This will help you keep building the connections and your face gets popular over the course of time. You’ll find out about collaboration on this blog which is an in-depth topic to discuss and one of the keys to success in vlogging. One of the must-mention points here is that engagement doesn’t revolve around collaborations only, the engagement means how you keep people attracted towards your vlogs. It could be surprises, storytelling, giveaways, and other stuff that arouses the audience to get excited and wait for things to happen around you.

Step #6: Deliver the Value

This is by far the most important step  to get better at vlogging. If you’re not delivering the value, people won’t subscribe to you, they won’t get engaged with your content, and they won’t share it with their friends. Vlogging is more like a connection making. You need to build an audience, the very first thing you would want to do is GIVE them some value. It could be a life-changing advice (from experience), sharing a real-life story (that could help others), a lesson you learned in high-school. Whatever that helps others and you are good at that thing. It should be fun for you too. It’s like a job but it should look like that you’re not taking it as a job, you’re taking it more as a hobby. In other words, the value could be a great message, an entertaining footage, or an educational guide — anything that is related to you and you want to share with others that could help them or even can bring a smile on their faces.

Step #7: Community Building

The community building is a basic rule for getting success on the internet. Whether you’re starting a blog or just want to set up a website, people try to build a community around those online properties using the options like a Facebook page, Facebook group, Google+ community, LinkedIn group, and even an email list. The purpose of building a community is to start making an affiliation and sense of belonging. When you (as a vlogger) do that, you try to unite your subscribers under a common flag. For instance, fouseyTube is a popular prankster and a vlogger. He named his subscribers and diehard fans as Bruh Bruh, Roman Atwood named his fans base as Roman Soldiers, Evan Carmichael named his fans as Believe Nation. So, vloggers and YouTubers use this tactic to build the community around their brands.

Besides that, it’s not something you may want to do at the beginning of your vlogging career but at some point, you would feel that you should start doing it.

3 Success Secrets of Vlogging

Here are three secrets of vlogging that will ensure your success as a vlogger:

1. Consistency: This is the key. If you’re not consistent with your vlogging, you can’t succeed. When you upload daily, you keep honing the strategy. When your subscribers start finding your content every single day, it kind of program their mind to watch your content on the daily basis.

2. Value: The value is the benefit that you offer to the viewers. It’s hard to keep up to the challenge but if you try and keep working hard every single day, you start learning the way of telling stories and delivering the value. The value you provide in terms of advice, entertainment, fun, or amusement would help build your vlogging career.

3. Learning: One of the success secrets of vlogging is sharing what you learned. It’s like blogging in which you have to be a GIVER in order to succeed. A daily vlogger works hard to put up a vlog every single day because people expect him to upload it and come up with something new and entertaining. Uploading every day isn’t the key, instead, the telling a great story or sharing an experience with a lesson inside it is the real deal.

Things to do as a Vlogger

These are small pieces of advice but these could be a lightning rod for your vlogging career. I’ve learned this after following over 50 YouTubers and I reckon that these things work:

Make a Schedule: A schedule helps people understand that when and how (much) you’re posting on the internet. Your subscribers must know that. So, by making a schedule and keep on telling occasionally might help to spread the word.

Choose the Vlogging Platforms: The vlogging platform is where you exactly posting your vlogs. In most of the cases, it’s YouTube. But in many countries, people use Dailymotion,, and too.

Bring Consistency: Can’t agree more on this. I’ve talked so many times on consistency. If you’re not consistent with your uploads and schedule, people might forget you and won’t show interest because they won’t find your content often, so the process of attachment and belonging doesn’t start.

Make Social Accounts: Social media is the most important thing for a vlogger. The idea isn’t to take your subscribers to your social accounts, instead, try keep adding new followers on social media and to bring them to your vlogging channel. Vloggers use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc.

Develop a Personal Website: There are a million reasons for developing a personal website. People and companies can reach out to you for deals, sponsorships, and contact. In fact, you must have an official existence  on the web.

Learn the Art of Storytelling: The storytelling is the secret sauce of vlogging. When you know this art, you can make amazingly creative and engaging vlogs which would definitely land you more subscribers and the loyal audience because people like your stories and they (sometimes) link your stories to theirs. For instance, a YouTuber and a fan of fouseyTUBE made this video in response to his favorite YouTuber’s emotional video.

Follow Top Vloggers: This is extremely helpful. When you follow top vloggers, you learn about new norms and trends. The ideal way to evolve in the business is to learn from the winners who have done it. This doesn’t mean to copy them anyway. Instead, try to develop your own personality and present it genuinely.

Find your Own Style: Finding your own style is extremely important. If you don’t do that and proceed being influenced by the top vloggers, that means people who come across you might find out that you’re imitating someone else because you might think that people won’t find out ever. Guess what, they will. So, stick with your thing. In case, you’re unable to find your own style, just try to original and keep doing it without copying someone else. You’ll ultimately find your own style.

Be Ready to Help Others: All the stuff you’re doing to get success is for others. You are creating vlogs and uploading them — it’s all for others to watch, take inspiration, change their  lives, and do this and that, so when your success relies on the help and benefit of your audience, then be prepared to help them whether in the comments section or by telling useful things in the vlogs. The purpose should be helping them, you can do that via comments or by answering in your vlogs.


Starting a vlog on YouTube isn’t a difficult thing. Growing it would definitely be.

The challenge is what makes you start a vlogging channel and that’s the key you should never forget for a couple of years because you would have to stick for a long-haul in order to succeed.

And, I’d recommend not to start vlogging if you’re sure that whether you like it or not. If you just want to try it for fun then it’s up to you. I believe in this and that’s why I do this and want to build a career out of it. If it’s not your passion, don’t do it, find what fascinates you more.

But, if some vloggers have made you fall in love with vlogging and you can’t wait for starting your vlogging journey, then you’re like me and I wish you good luck.

The only advice I would give at the end is, don’t push your vlogging, rather try to enjoy it and somehow help others.

Don’t make a YouTube vlogging channel to keep looking at the numbers like subscribers, views, thumbs up. Just do your best for people and you’ll definitely start getting traction and building your audience, and that’s what you might want to see down the road.

What else would you do if you’d be starting a vlogging channel in the upcoming days?

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