How to Rank a Video on YouTube

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YouTube Video Ranking

Do you want to rank a video on YouTube?

It looks insane. Right?

Well, let me be honest with you. I think I can’t guarantee that my tips will 100% help you rank your videos on YouTube. But, what I can do is that I can share some specific things that I believe can help you in ranking your videos on YouTube.

Plus, I’d share an example as well.

But before I proceed with the 3-step process of ranking a video, let me remind you that there are specific things that you should do, and those are imperative to gaining the momentum as a YouTube creator. Take a look at four essentials of ranking a video on YouTube:

1. Niche-based Content: Don’t ever mix up multiple niches together on the same channel. You must have diversified playlists within the same niche but never upload a car’s video on your cooking channel. Stay in your niche.

2. Find Your Strength: Don’t ever underestimate the power of your strength, passion, and talent. Whether you’re passionate about something or you have a specific talent that you can cash in on. Just find it and use that in your videos.

3. Upload Consistently: Uploading regularly is a massive success itself. It drives a huge amount of value to your progress. Because consistent upload is crucial to your YouTube channel’s growth, therefore, you have to have a plan to create and upload regularly.

4. Make Multiple Playlists: One of the mistakes I often see on YouTube channels is that people don’t create enough playlists. They would instead name their videos or just the vlog# in the title. It’s highly recommended to have multiple types of playlists on your channel. Once you have multiple playlists, you automatically shift into a decisive mode of creating a specific kind of content in your niche. Then it gets easier to think about the new ideas.

So, these were a few essentials that you must know before start making your YouTube videos, or maybe, hoping to rank a video on YouTube.

Here are three steps to rank a YouTube video:

Step #1: Choose the topic you’re good at

Most of the people would tell you from step #3 and come back to this one. Meaning, they might say to you the other way around. I do this way. It begins with a topic that you authoritatively know about. Moreover, if you can convincingly help anyone through your expertise or based on your experience, it can also work then. But if you have no idea about the topic and you’re trying to make a video on that, then it’s a no-go. Don’t try that because people come to YouTube to learn something, to find out the fact, or to explore something new. If they end up opening your video and it turns out nothing but fluff, then you might see the heat coming your way. So stick to your strength and always talk about something you know.

Step #2: Make a solid video

Secondly, your video footage must be excellent. If it’s not helping or entertaining the viewers, you may not get the traction; because that is the reason people want to watch a video in the first place. It all starts with a well-crafted message. If your message sucks, your camera gear and editing won’t cover for it.

Sure, start with getting a good camera, but you have to work smartly. A great camera doesn’t guarantee that your video will be unique. People pull off with their smartphones too. You got to have a will. Please read my blog post on vlogging with the phone. Use natural light or arrange good lighting set up.

Use good music but take care of the royalty-free and attribution requirements with the music. Check the YouTube audio library for great music.

If you need to up your YouTube game, you have to learn video editing. I use Filmora video editing software. It has incredible features, filters, text-animations, multiple formats exporting, and a lot of stuff that any vlogger or YouTuber may require. It’s my second year with Filmora, and I love it.

Step #3: Optimize the video while uploading 

Most of the YouTubers who are concerned about ranking their YouTube videos often start with this step. To some extent, they do the right things when it comes to the generic SEO of videos. But if the video isn’t worth spending time, then it won’t get much watch time and thumbs-up, and ultimately the YouTube won’t see any unique engagement underneath the video, and it’s likely to go deep down in the search.

So, that’s why I emphasize a lot on the quality of the message because if the content isn’t useful, people would ultimately react to it (negatively) or ignore it. Either way, your video won’t get the attention you would be hoping for.

Once you have developed a great video, the next thing you should do is choosing the best title for it. Try to make a clear, simple, and attractive video title.

For instance, I made a video about freelancing in Pakistan. I wanted to help guide the Pakistani audience about freelancing. So here is what I did:

How to Rank a Video on YouTube

You can see that it has crossed 14,000 views. This video comes to the first position if you search on YouTube about freelancing in Pakistan and often just for freelancing.

You should notice that the thumbnail has my picture + explaining text that tells about the video.

Moreover, I tried my best to put the keywords about my video’s message in it, and it worked. If you watch that video, you’ll see me talking all about ‘starting freelancing in Pakistan.’ I used the keywords ‘start freelancing‘, ‘Pakistan,’ and ‘Urdu.’ However, I’m not a keywords person, and I genuinely don’t often care about SEO. I believe in delivering the value, and of course, I try to get my hands-on optimization, whether it’s a video or a blog post, and sometimes it works.

Furthermore, it would help if you took care of your video description. It plays a vital role. Sometimes, a video with an empty description gets ranked well, and people think that description isn’t significant enough. The reason for such ranking is that sometimes the competition is different for some videos, or the length of an engaging video influences the watch time. So there are many technical aspects of video ranking.

Similarly, a lot of YouTubers get aggressive with their tags. Don’t push tags too hard. It could get caught under spamming. Nevertheless, I have never been very pushy with the tags. I usually use three or four tags on each video.

You can see more videos in the same playlist; they aren’t ranked that well. So, it’s true that it is up to the YouTube system in the end. What a creator can do is try, make more, and keep trying. YouTube video ranking is a mixture of different algorithms. If a lot of things work for a video, it just gets better ranked than the others.

Before I end this blog post, let me share a few suggestions from other Pakistani YouTubers:

“Getting your video ranked is not something you have control over, but there is a trick that I used on a video that got me a good amount of views, and my video was ranked in the third position. Here’s what I did: I have a tech channel, and I was making videos on Huawei P8 Lite (Smartphone). I opened the YouTube app, typed “Huawei P8 Lite” on the searched bar, and waited for suggestions to appear. One of the tips was “Huawei P8 Lite Camera,” so I got to know people were searching for that. I made a video on that exact topic and used those same words in my tags and the topic. I uploaded it, and within two weeks, I got 8,000+ views despite having around 300+ subscribers at that time.”  – Sabeeh Saqib

“I would recommend a good title and also a good thumbnail so that it engages people to click on the video. The video should also be up to the trends on YouTube.”Bilal Aman

“The video will be ranked when it will have a good watch time. So make the video as engaging as you can if you want the video to be ranked.”Muhammad Bilal


I have other videos ranked as well, but at the end of the day, I don’t look at the ranking and SEO keenly. Neither should you.

I have tried to explain how a video gets ranked and what optimization steps we can take to influence the ranking of our video.

Once you upload around 100 videos on YouTube, the chances are, you may have a few videos ranked anyway, and then you should start to analyze that why those videos are ranked better than the other ones.

So get into the process, and you’ll learn a lot.

How has been your experience with ranking your YouTube videos?

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