Start Vlogging With a Phone: Here’s the Gear You Need

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Gear is an essential element of vlogging whether you start vlogging with your camera or phone. It doesn’t mean you always need a camera to make a vlog. Instead, the phone has a great camera that you can utilize for starting your vlogging career.

I did start vlogging on my phone. There are so many vloggers who started out vlogging with phones. So never feel shame or discouraged if you’re starting vlogging with your phone.

You’d always hear that camera gear doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out; all you need is to get started with vlogging.

It’s the right advice if someone said to you that don’t worry about the camera gear and start vlogging with your phone.

However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy some necessary phone equipment for vlogging. There is no harm in getting a few products that would help you vlog with your phone. They won’t cost you much and these products would immensely help you with your vlogging.

Start Vlogging With a Phone: Here's the Gear You Need

So here is a list of gear you can buy if you’re starting vlogging with your phone:

Mini Tripod

A mini tripod is a tiny phone stand for recording videos. Most vloggers who vlog with phone use a selfie stick for vlogging, but the problem with a selfie stick is that you can’t place it if you want to sit down and shoot a clip. On the flip side, a mini tripod would do the job if you want to place your phone on a shelf or a table for recording a video clip.

Portable Tripod

You may also need a regular tripod for your vlogging with your phone. Normally, these types of rather large tripods are used for DSLR cameras, but you’d also require these tripods even if you’re vlogging with a phone. A portable tripod comes in handy if you don’t have any table around or you’re shooting a clip outside. All you need is to get a mobile phone clamp along with this regular tripod.


The microphone is a must-have vlogging tool even when you’re vlogging with your phone. I use Boya MM1, which has a cable for a smartphone. I’ve tested three microphones and Boya MM1 is by far the best one. It’s inexpensive and works perfectly with phones. So don’t neglect a microphone while you’re vlogging with a phone. You may have to shoot vlogs outdoor someday, then you’d understand the importance of a microphone in vlogging.

Camera Light

Camera light is an LED light for DSLR cameras and camcorders. You can buy an affordable camera light for vlogging because it helps at night when you have to vlog at the places where light is low. Moreover, we don’t always have perfect lighting at home. So a camera light does wonders for us vloggers.

Phone Rig

Phone rig is perhaps one of my favorite things in phone vlogging gear. The reason is that it helps you not just place your phone on it, but you can also put a camera light and a microphone on it. I haven’t bought it yet, but I’m about to order one. I do record vlog clips on my phone from time to time, so this phone rig would help me a lot.

Phone Gimbal

Phone gimbal is a rather high-end phone vlogging accessory. You may be able to get it in under 100$ from various brands, but gimbals for DSLR cameras are quite pricey. A phone gimbal takes your vlogging to the next level, but it’s more of a film-making gadget, but it helps in shooting smooth and jitter-free footage. You don’t necessarily need such a product specifically for vlogging, but if you get it, it could make a lot of difference in your vlogging.

Mobile Camera Lens

I’ve seen people making videos with their phones with mobile camera lenses on. In fact, you’d see vloggers and tech YouTubers reviewing them as well. I’m not a big fan of the mobile camera lens, but it’s not about me. If you want it, you can try it out. It’s something that goes into the list of phone vlogging accessories.

What are you going to buy for vlogging with a phone?

I’d be really interested in knowing about your plans for starting vlogging with a phone. Maybe, it’s because I also started vlogging with a phone, then I upgraded to a better Android phone just to improve the quality of my vlogs. Later on, I switched to a point-and-shoot camera.

So my example teaches you that all you need is to “start” rather than worry about camera gear.

Let me know what you’re planning on buying for your starting vlogging on your phone?

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