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Filmora: The Best Video Editing Software for Vloggers

Looking for the best video editing software for vlogs? Here is your chance to find out about the best video editing software for vloggers. Because I’m a vlogger, and I needed a reliable, super-fast, and easy-to-use video editing software to accelerate my vlogging, and guess what, I found it. Whenever you would start vlogging,

How to Choose the Camera Gear and Equipment for Vlogging

Before choosing your camera gear and other equipment such as a tripod, microphone, software and other things to make your vlog actually ready, you should know that all these fancy cameras and tripods shouldn’t stop you from starting your vlog. That being said, all you need is to move forward towards utilizing what you

How to Start Vlogging and Become a Vlogger

If you’re looking to know that how to start vlogging and become a vlogger on YouTube, then this guide could be a game changer for you. The reason why I’m saying this is, I’m a vlogging enthusiast with a background in blogging, social media, entrepreneurship, and personal branding. So, what makes me better at

What is a Vlog?

Vlog is a video blog that is published on the internet on any social or interactive platform. The term “video blog” is a combination of video and blog, which many people know that these are two different things. A video is a recorded footage or a clip, whereas the blog is all about writing