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10+ Best Vlogging Cameras for 2018

The best vlogging cameras discussion is something we can’t skip past as vloggers. The debate over buying, using, and experiencing the vlogging cameras continues to happen and the only way to get comfortable around is having an opinion about the favorite cameras to vlog on. Today, I sit down to choose my 11 best

7 Ideas to Start a YouTube Channel

Finding the ideas to start a YouTube channel shouldn’t be scary. Since it is for many of us, which is why it’s being discussed here in the first place. The purpose is crystal clear. If you want to start YouTube in 2017 or it’s one of your 2017 goals, then you’ve stumbled upon the

Sony WX350: An Affordable Vlogging Camera for Starters

Sony WX350 (affiliate link) is an affordable vlogging camera for vlogging starters who don’t want to spend a whole heap of money on buying a DSLR for shooting the ultra-HD videos for uploading to YouTube. Instead, they’re looking to start vlogging and want to get their hands on a good camera as a beginner in

How to Add Video Effects to Your YouTube Vlog – [5 Ideas]

There are many ways to add video effects to your vlog. However, the creativity predicates what and how we add video effects. There aren’t always tools and features that do the job, in fact, the ideas play a vital role in some cases. The reason why I’m writing about the video effects is that

How to Edit a Vlog Before Uploading to YouTube

If you’re wondering how to edit a vlog and then you’re not alone in this. A lot of YouTube and Vlogging starters suffer from this editing syndrome in which they’re afraid of recording, editing, and finalizing the videos. And trust me, the vlog editing looks so horrible until you get started with it. But

How to Make Money with Vlogging on YouTube

Yes. Vloggers do make money with vlogging on YouTube. If you’re wondering whether we (vloggers) get paid or not, then this is something for you. In fact, if you recently encountered a person talking to the camera while buying fruit in the superstore, then let me tell you something straight, you probably don’t know

What are the Benefits of Vlogging?

Have you ever encountered people who get surprised to see you vlogging during the shopping? There are two types of people every vlogger comes across. The first ones are random people you see on the roads and in the malls and the second ones are those who are relatives, old friends, and family friends

A Step-by-Step Process of Growing Your Vlog Channel

If you’re looking for a step-by-step guide to growing your vlog channel, then you’ve stumbled upon the right piece of content, my friend, because not only will I share the art of growing a vlog channel, but I will also share my personal experience with you. I will tell you what works in the

How Does Sponsorship Work in Vlogging?

How do vloggers get sponsorship? People have literally started asking me this. This could be a little strange for you if you haven’t been able to know much about vlogging. I’d highly recommend a simple guide to starting a vlogging channel, so that you know exactly what’s going on here. Trust me. You need