This disclosure hereby states some of the critical elements which are necessary to understand by the readership, visitors, and subscribers of this blog. is a blog (an online publishing entity) that is intended to publish high-quality, informative, and educational content on vlogging. This disclosure will enlist some of the factors that the readership of this blog must read and understand.

The Purpose of the Blog

The purpose of launching this blog is to help educate the audience on YouTube and online video. To achieve that purpose, it would be essential to work hard and put a lot of struggle in creating valuable content for the audience. Every successful blog does believe in the delivery of value and considers the money-making as a byproduct of all the hard work. So do we.

Endorsement Strategy

We at believes in transparency. To survive and keep the web server running, we would need to develop a monetization strategy that might be based on the affiliate marketing, product endorsement, and sponsorship but not limited to these. The ideal way of finding the most appropriate method, it’s essential to test out the available options. We may try different monetization strategies in the future by keeping in mind that the user-experience and readership don’t suffer during that process. The endorsement strategies may include trying direct ads, sending offers to email subscribers, or promoting the items through affiliate programs.

Product Promotion

The policy of product promotion is based on honesty. The basic idea of affiliate marketing success tells us that promotion without the consent and satisfaction gain by the personal experience is a little unethical to practice. We may not be open to accepting every kind of product promotion offers. However, if we come across some offers that could help the audience, we may test them out first, and then once we feel they’re worth promoting, we may promote it. But this doesn’t mean you should blindly follow the product recommendation (paid or unpaid) made at You must do your research. We could be wrong at some point. We will never be responsible for any product or service whatsoever. We won’t be interested in working with the brands that deal with gambling, alcohol, drugs, weapons, etc.

Social Values

We at believes in equal opportunities without any discrimination based on gender, race, color, religion, and nationality. We don’t promote or endorse hate speech, animal cruelty, and violence. The basic idea of is simple. We help educate the audience on YouTube content creation and camera gear.

Guest Posting

We may open up our platform to a select number of guest authors and end up working with different authors across the globe. We would highly recommend every guest author to read the discloser page before even considering the idea of writing a guest post for The guest posts, however, shall not be regarded as the official point of view, and the author will solely responsible for the views/ideas/suggestions he/she gives out. We highly recommend coming up with educational, helpful, and problem-solving content. If guest authors link to the resources, popular websites, YouTube videos/channels, or industry’s best articles, it must entirely be based on the audience’s benefit.

Privacy Policy

It’s imperative to discuss the privacy policy of the blog. We, just like any other professional website, would try to keep the tracking system active and updated to help guide our content strategy. The tracking system doesn’t mean spying on the visitors/readers somehow; in fact, the tracking system tracks the statistics such as total visitors, keywords, referral website, search engines, popular pages, top articles, IP addresses, visitor’s countries typically. All this happens in Google Analytics and Google Search Console. These statistics tools are very popular and acceptable. We neither sell the email addresses of the subscribers nor have the intention of doing that.