How to Get Comments and Likes on YouTube Vlogs

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People always ask me about the comments and likes on my vlogs on YouTube. I try to explain to them that I have spent over a year on YouTube. I’m regularly making vlogs. I’m building a relationship with the audience. That’s why I get comments and likes.

how to get comments and likes

Now, the comments aren’t in hundreds, neither the likes — but it still attracts the new vloggers who are watching the vlogs and getting motivated to start their vlogging channels.

So, I thought to sit down and finally write a brief blog post on getting comments and likes on YouTube. I can’t promise my strategies will give your channel a huge bump but I can assure you that these strategies worked for me.

Here are some of the key strategies to get comments and likes on your vlogs:

1. Make Vlogs Regularly

People are likely to follow your channel if you somehow make them believe that you’re going to make content on a consistent basis. If you’re thinking that whether they would like your content or not, when you continuously make content, the size of audience increases, so does the engagement. When the engagement increases, it automatically increases the comments and likes on your videos. There are many perks of uploading on a regular basis. The audience gets aware of your uploading schedule, day, or timing, and they’re likely to visit your channel if they like your content. So get consistent with your uploads.

2. Find Your Unique Voice

Finding your voice means that you shouldn’t be copying someone else. A lot of vloggers start following the influencers in the vlogging arena and the audience clearly identifies the copycat. Therefore, it won’t work. Instead, try to create your own voice, whether or not you’re good at it, just try to learn. Because being unique and authentic will give you a personality that will befriend will the viewers and then they would start to engage in the comments.

3. Capitalize Your Passion

The harsh reality is that people don’t want to watch something that is boring or not related to them. Using your passion is extremely important to share what you know, what you have, and what you can do. Passion is something you’re good at. If you want to innovate your vlogs, just use your passion time to time and create content around your passion. Not only will you be able to tell stories, but you may also help others through your content. When all these things would happen, you’ll definitely get more comments and likes than ever.

4. Make Commitment of a Lifetime

You’re not going to succeed in vlogging if you give a gesture that you will end vlogging at some point. Although, every vlogger takes breaks in vlogging, but ultimately comes back — because they have to. It’s just the love of process. You may get overwhelmed and start hating it for some reason, but you won’t completely wipe out vlogging from your life. In fact, you might come back to vlogging. Casey left vlogging but started again. If you’re going with a mindset of testing this vlogging thing, then you may not succeed. Because you’d test rather than passionately create. As a result, you’d start to upload content just to test it, not to share the stories with the audience. So, you won’t be able to stretch it for a long period of time. Therefore, you won’t be able to do it for life.

5. Make Quality Content

The quality content does its job. It is imperative to scaling your YouTube channel, let alone to get comments and likes. If you’re following world’s top YouTubers who have been doing vlogs and videos for years, you might have seen that they mastered the art of creating quality content.

6. Get Social With the Audience

The engagement of creator with the audience is a big deal in YouTube ecosystem. The more people are engaging with you, the greater the chances of getting new eyeballs around. If you’re looking at the opportunities to get the comments and likes on YouTube, then start off with getting engaged with your audience. Ask them questions, make them respond to your videos, ask for thumbs ups etc.

In fact, it doesn’t end here. Go talk to the people in the comments section. It does make a difference when the first-timers look at the comments and see that the creator is responding, they’re likely to take the interest in the conversation. Similarly, talk to people on social media as well. Hone in on your engagement skills to make the most out of it.

Wrapping up

It’s not a rocket science.

You don’t have to spam on others’ videos to get the comments and likes. It’s a no-go.

Be genuine. Help others. Talk politely.

Once you start enjoying the process of creating and sharing with others, you’re likely to hit the right spot.

Honestly, there is no secret sauce of getting comments and likes.

It just needs work. So work.

Create what you love, share what you can, and deliver what you have.

You’ll see the difference.

Does this blog post help you in understanding the comments and likes?

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