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8 YouTube Video Ranking Tricks Beginners Must Know

Have you ever thought about YouTube video ranking tricks? Do you know that your videos that get more views than usual get ranked on YouTube? That’s why those videos get more views. I’ll teach you some of the basic YouTube video ranking tricks that will help you rank your videos on YouTube. It doesn’t

11 Ways to Monetize a YouTube Channel

Monetizing a YouTube channel is often a headache for most YouTube creators, especially if you haven’t reached that mark — it usually means you’ve just started.  I think every YouTube creator must be able to monetize a YouTube channel right from the beginning. At least, the pressure of reaching a minimum threshold before a

How I Get Extra Views on Every YouTube Video

Do you want to get some extra views on your YouTube video? I’m sure you do if you’re a YouTube creator. The problem is that you don’t have the secret strategy of making that happen. That’s where I come in. I do a lot of experiments on YouTube. In this blog post, I will

What is the Best YouTube Niche for You?

Are you finding the best YouTube niche for you? Pay close to my question. I asked you, what’s the best YouTube niche for you? I didn’t ask you, what are the best YouTube niches out there? There is a difference. Isn’t it? Don’t worry, I’ll share a bunch of YouTube niches with you in

How to Edit When Start Vlogging With Your Phone

If you’re starting vlogging with your phone, you’d be thrilled to get started. The reason I’m so happy for you is that you’re not worried about any point-and-shoot or DSLR camera to get for vlogging. Most vlogging starters overthink when they’re starting out. They look at YouTube influencers and top vloggers who have amazing

10+ Best Sources to Get Free Music for YouTube Videos

Have you ever wondered where to get free music for YouTube videos? If you’re a vlogger or YouTuber, you’d be very interested in knowing the best sources for downloading free music for the videos. If you make videos on YouTube, then you’d face many challenges, and one of them would be finding the right

How to Start and Grow a YouTube Channel [Video]

If you haven’t had a chance to start and grow a YouTube channel, and you’re about to start one, then this video will help you get started. I shared five tips in the video based on my experience and learning. Not only will these tips help you start a YouTube channel, but it will also

How to Get Comments and Likes on YouTube Vlogs

People always ask me about the comments and likes on my vlogs on YouTube. I try to explain to them that I have spent over a year on YouTube. I’m regularly making vlogs. I’m building a relationship with the audience. That’s why I get comments and likes. Now, the comments aren’t in hundreds, neither

How to Rank a Video on YouTube

Do you want to rank a video on YouTube? It looks insane. Right? Well, let me be honest with you. I think I can’t guarantee that my tips will 100% help you rank your videos on YouTube. But, what I can do is that I can share some specific things that I believe can