8 YouTube Video Ranking Tricks Beginners Must Know

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Have you ever thought about YouTube video ranking tricks? Do you know that your videos that get more views than usual get ranked on YouTube? That’s why those videos get more views.

I’ll teach you some of the basic YouTube video ranking tricks that will help you rank your videos on YouTube. It doesn’t matter whether you have a tech reviews YouTube channel or you have a vlog channel; these ranking tricks will help everyone.

Putting out YouTube videos consistently, but not getting enough attention could be frustrating and even demotivating for creators. It’s also true that a number of options and features provided by YouTube for ranking videos are often completely ignored by beginners.

In this blog post, I will try to explain quite a few very easy yet authentic tips for ranking YouTube videos.

youtube video ranking tricks for beginners

Here are 8 YouTube Video Ranking Tricks Every Beginner Should Know:

1. Write an In-depth Description

The video description is the most overlooked feature on the platform. Although, it’s so powerful, and yet beginners leave it empty or put unnecessary text in it.

The description box helps YouTube and Google comprehend the context of your video. And the better these platforms would understand your video, the higher your video would rank.  

Besides, writing detailed description that explains the video, you can add additional content in the description to help guide the viewers, such as:

  • Social Media Links: You can add social media links so that the viewers can easily connect with you on other social media platforms
  • YouTube Chapters: Timestamps can be added in the description for youtube chapters
  • Video Links: The links of videos or Playlists you referred can be added.
  • Affiliate Links: You can mention affiliate product links in the description, but make sure to mention #ad in the video as well as in the description.

2. Insert the Cards to Interlink Videos

Have you ever noticed a notification pops out from the top right corner on YouTube? It’s called the card, and it stays for about 8 seconds on the screen. Cards appear on the top right side of a video and they are a fantastic way to interact with the viewers. The algorithm takes the interactive actions as positive signs to rank the videos.

You can add a poll in the card or other videos that you want the viewers to watch. Playlists and other channels can also be added to the card. I believe cards are a great tool to communicate with the audience.

Cards also work great if you are essentially giving a reference to another video. To add a card, you have to go to your Youtube studio > Content > Select the video and simply click the ” Add Card” button.    

3. Use the End Screen for Engagement

If you have managed to keep viewers engaged in your video till the end, then the end screen can further engage the viewers. With the help of the end screen, you can direct the audience to watch your other videos, which would eventually mean more watch time and better ranking.

The end screen is one of the areas that YouTube’s algorithm utilizes to understand how people are responding to your content. The end screen elements stay for not more than 20 seconds or so. So make sure to add related videos or a subscription button.

To add an end screen to your video, you have to go to Youtube Studio > Content > Select the video you want to add an end screen on and simply click the ” End Screen” button.

4. Use Keyword as a File Name While Exporting

The majority of the YouTuber beginners have no idea about such a small thing which is exporting the video file with the same name as the title of the YouTube video can help to rank your video.

Whenever you are exporting a video from your video editing software, try to name the output file the same as the YouTube video title. I believe that no one should miss any chance of ranking the video.

5. Export in MP4 with H.264 Codec

According to an article on lumen5.com “the best video format is MP4 with H. 264 video codec and AAC audio codec; you get a high-quality video and a small file size”.

Being a Premiere Pro user, I can give many Premiere Pro tips for beginners. I can share right off the bat that I always export my video in Mp4 format. The additional thing I do is I select YouTube Preset from the list provided by Premiere. By doing so, Premiere Pro understands that the video is to be uploaded to YouTube, so it helps the compression process and makes it compatible with YouTube.

6. Catchy Thumbnails Increases Clickability

Thumbnails are the packaging of your videos. The more attractive your thumbnails are, the better clickability you’d get. Many great videos go unnoticed because of the average-looking thumbnails. Try to understand the psychology of the viewers; look at the thumbnail and see whether or not the thumbnail is catchy. You can make it attractive by using text, pictures, and emojis in the design.

7. Use Simple Yet Attractive Words in the Video Titles

When it comes to ranking a YouTube video, the first thing to consider is the simple yet attractive words in the title. The title of your video reveals to people what the video is about. So you have to make sure that you choose the keywords that help people understand the gist of the content.

8. Long-tail Keyword Selection

Long-tail keywords are basically the keywords that consist of three or more words. For instance, the keyword “YouTube video ranking factors” has four words in it, so it can be considered a long-tail keyword.

The reason experts prefer long-tail keywords is that they’re easy to target and rank for as compared to short-tail keywords. So try using the long-tail keywords in your video titles, descriptions, and tags.

Let’s End This

Did you find these YouTube video ranking tricks helpful?

If you did, please let me know in the comments below.

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