10+ Best Sources to Get Free Music for YouTube Videos

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Have you ever wondered where to get free music for YouTube videos? If you’re a vlogger or YouTuber, you’d be very interested in knowing the best sources for downloading free music for the videos. If you make videos on YouTube, then you’d face many challenges, and one of them would be finding the right music.

I have been thinking to write a blog post on the best sources to get the music for videos forever, but I couldn’t do it earlier. So today I sat down and postponed all the projects for a couple of hours to write this blog post. I went through my bookmarks, YouTube subscriptions, and other resources to create a list of free music channels and sites.

Please be advised that free music doesn’t guarantee that you can’t get a copyright strike or you’re free to use the music without following any terms. Most of the times, free music providers ask to copy and paste their links in the video descriptions. So you’d have to do that. Plus, once I had to remove my video due to the copyright strike despite crediting the musician in the description. Always make sure to read the rules in the description and follow them. Moreover, vlogging.pk or I won’t be responsible for any copyright strike whatsoever.

Best Sources to Get Free Music for YouTube Videos

Here are 10+ best sources to get free music for YouTube videos:

1. FreeMusicWave

2. Music for creators

3. Vlog No Copyright Music

4. YouTubers Music

5. NoCopyrightSounds

6. NoCopyrightNation

7. Audio Library

8. BreakingCopyright

9. Free Vibes – Non Copyrighted Music

10. No Copyright Music – Free Audio Library

11. YouTube Audio Library

12. The Artist Union

13. AudioGrab

I have uploaded more than 500 videos across four YouTube channels. I’ve only gotten two copyright strikes in the past three years. One of them was due to the free music that I downloaded from a free music resource as mentioned above. Anyways, I have been using the music from these sources for quite some time, and it did help me find amazing music for my vlogs and videos.

You’d be better off if you start building a connection with the provider. I often reach out to the music creators on SoundCloud or via email to let them know that I’m using their music and mentioning their details in the descriptions. They appreciate the gesture.

Feel free to mention your favorite free music resources in the comments below.

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